Vacuum Freeze Dryer

Vacuum Freeze Drying Machine

Food Vacuum Freeze Dryer
The Vacuum Freeze Dryer of Sunicorn Technology has a mature manufacturing process, excellent temperature control technology, the limit of ultra-low temperature, widely used in food, pharmaceutical and other fields.
Chamber: chamber design in accordance with GB150-2011 / PED / ASME standards, in line with FDA and GMP standards, the chamber with a large fillet interior design, the chamber is designed to use the tilt angle, more in line with CIP and SIP drainage requirements. Chamber can withstand 0.15MPA to 0.5PA full range of positive and negative pressure.
Plate: the use of the international advanced welding process manufacturing;
Cold trap: the use of stainless steel, beautiful and corrosion resistance, cold trap opening large with pre-frozen function,The optimal design of water vapor channel makes the molecular surge resistance smaller and the water capture efficiency higher;
Refrigeration system: the use of German compressor, refrigeration system safe and stable;
Vacuum system: vacuum pipe with automatic rail welding,to ensure a solid and beautiful welding, vacuum leak
detection using helium mass spectrometry detector to ensure that the vacuum system to achieve high vacuum requirements.
Control system: selection of internationally renowned brand components, PLC control system, high reliability, powerful, both in the local operation, but also remote control and monitoring.

Sunicorn Technology freeze-drying technology advantages:
1. has applied for white fungus freeze-dried technology patent;
2. The use of imported fully enclosed refrigeration unit, low temperature, water catching ability, efficient and reliable, low noise;
3. The use of air-cooled way to heat, without water cooling;
4. After the product freeze-dried volume, the shape of the basic unchanged, the material was dry powder state, no shrinkage;
5. In the freeze-drying process, the growth of microorganisms and the role of enzymes can not be carried out, so to maintain the original shape;
6. Patent design guide tube, to improve the effective area of cold trap, rapid freeze-drying;
7. Original imported inflatable valve, can be filled with dry nitrogen or inert gas;
8. International standard vacuum interface, can be used in conjunction with a variety of vacuum pumps;
9. Specially design for stainless steel shelving, plate spacing adjustable and the number of free set;
10. The fresh of product is unchanged and good rehydration;
11. Using PLC automatic programming control system, high automation level, greatly reduce the manpower cost;

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