Cold Storage

Cold Storage,Modified Atmosphere Storage CA Storage Apple Keep Fresh Cold Storage

Classification Temperature of cold room:
0 °C ~ + 22°C: Communication Station, Mushroom Plant,
Medicines Storage, Processing Room, Packing Room
-5 °C ~ + 5 °C: Pre-Cooling, Keep Fresh,
-10 °C ~ -20 °C: Freezer Storage
-25 °C ~ -30 °C: Low Temperatur

Company Instruction:

Sunicorn headquarter is located in Shenzhen city, production and R&D team is located in Shenzhen city and Kunming city in Yunnan province.Our main products include all kinds of vacuum cooler, cold storage room,ice maker etc.Company in the production of vacuum pro-cooling equipment, large cold storage, refrigeration equipment has been successfully applied in 12 provinces of China and other professional engaged in the preservation of circulation and food processing industry, a well-known enterprises, and has exported to Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, the United States, Mexico, Eastern Europe and other places.And in the United States, California, Florida and other places set up a firm and after-sales service center. At any time to provide users with convenient and efficient technical advice, maintenance and domestic and foreign parts supply.

Cold Storage Room Instruction:

Modified Atmosphere Storage is the most advanced storage methods of fruits and vegetables. It is in cold storage, increase gas composition regulation, through the control of temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, oxygen concentration and the concentration of ethylene in storage, inhibit the respiration of fruits and vegetables, slow down the metabolism process, better keep fruits and vegetables fresh degree and business character, to extend the fruits and vegetables during storage and shelf life (sales shelf life). Usually controlled atmosphere storage than ordinary cold can prolong the storage period is 0.5 - 1 times; gas adjustment storehouse storage of fruits and vegetables, after the library first from a "sleep" state "wake up", which makes fruit and vegetable storage preservation (sales shelf life period can be extended 21-28 days is 3 ~ 4 times of that of common cold storage.

Material of the Cold Room:

A. Panel: polyurethane insulation foamed by high pressure, density above 43kg/m3.

B. Economical panel thickness: 50mm,75mm, 100mm, 150mm for choice.

C. STeel sheet: Painted galvanized steel.

D. Door: Convex door, hinge door and sliding door available.

E. Compressor: Copeland, Bitzer.